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October 21, 2019
What is Litigation?

What is Litigation?

In the event that you find yourself in the midst of a legal battle, it is crucial that you are aware of all of the choices that you have available […]
October 20, 2019
Does Workers' Compensation Cover Independent Contractors?

Does Workers’ Compensation Cover Independent Contractors?

When you sustain an injury at work in the commission of your assigned duties, the laws in Colorado state that you are entitled to worker’s compensation benefits that are paid […]
October 14, 2019
Types of Spinal Cord Injuries

Different Types of Spinal Cord Injuries

There are four segments of the spinal cord: cervical, thoracic, lumbar, and sacral. Each segment of the spine protects various groups of nerves that manage the body. The kinds of […]
October 13, 2019
How to Take a Witness Statement

Contingency Fee and No Win, No Fee Attorneys

A lot of people live in fear of ever having to hire an attorney because they think that there is no way they will ever be able to pay for […]
October 10, 2019
Long-Term Effects of Traumatic Brain Injury

Long-Term Effects of Traumatic Brain Injury

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, roughly 1.7 million cases of traumatic brain injury (TBI) take place every year in the United States. In the majority of […]
October 9, 2019
How to Take a Witness Statement

What to Look for in a Personal Injury Attorney

It’s tough dealing with personal injury. You can suffer both economic and non-economic losses, and getting your life back in order can necessitate a lot of money, time, and energy. […]