Soft Tissue Damage Caused by Car Accidents in Colorado

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Soft Tissue Damage Caused by Car Accidents in Colorado

The physiology of the human body is both extremely delicate and incredibly strong. It is made up of many different parts that all work in tandem to accomplish a countless number of complex processes. One of the essential components that allow the human body to do this is the soft tissue. 

What is Soft Tissue?

Soft tissue is located in the ligaments, muscles, fascia, and tendons. Damage to the soft tissue usually affects one or more of the parts listed below, by causing a strain or a sprain:

  • Muscle: Muscles are composed of fibers that grow longer and shorter to allow movement in the joints. They are connected to bones by tendons.
  • Tendon: Tendons are a flexible but rigid rope of tough fibrous collagen tissue that connects muscle to bone.
  • Ligament: Ligaments are a dense band of inflexible connective tissue that attaches one bone to another.

The most significant risk factor for sustaining an injury to the soft tissue is a previous injury.

Types of Soft Tissue Injury

Soft Tissue Damage Caused by Car Accidents in Colorado

Injuries that affect our body’s soft tissues are separated into two different groups: overuse injuries and acute injuries. 

  • Overuse Injury: Any injury that is categorized as an overuse injury is probably one that occurred as the result of vigorous and repetitive activity or any strenuous physical activity that is done with such frequency that the injured tissues are not being given ample time between injuries to heal correctly. Common overuse injuries are things like tendonitis and bursitis. 
  • Acute Injury: Acute soft tissue injury is the kind of injury that is normally seen in those who have been in a car accident. This is because the damage to the soft tissue is caused by an unexpected, physically harmful incident. The most common injury accident victims endure to their soft tissue following an accident is whiplash. 

A few kinds of soft tissue damage that can take place during a car accident include:

Sprains and Strains to the Back

A strain in your back is the complete ripping of a tendon that connects muscle to bone, or the tearing of a muscle itself. 

A sprain occurs when the ligaments of somebody’s back are hyperextended (flexed well beyond their natural range of motion) or they are torn entirely. Ligaments, also called connective tissues, are tough groupings of fibrous tissues. They run along the inside of your joints and they connect one bone to another. 

Connective Tissues/Torn Ligaments

When entire groups of soft tissue located in your main joints are torn or hyperextended, they undergo an injury known as a sprain. Soft tissue injuries of this type are separated into three different levels depending on the severity of the injury. The three degrees of sprains are:

Group 1 (Mild sprain): Minimal stretching, a minor injury to the group of muscle fibers in the ligament.

Group 2 (Moderate sprain): The fibrous connective tissue is partially torn. If the primary joint associated with the connective tissue is moved in specific ways it appears unnaturally loose.

Group 3 (Severe sprain): Injuries in this level have experienced a total tearing of the connective tissue. Untreated, this tear will cause the joint to eventually be unusable so it is imperative that it is allowed to heal properly.


A contusion is a common injury, popularly referred to as a bruise. A contusion is also any injury that results in damage to the soft tissue under the skin and damage to the surface of unbroken skin as well. 

Contusions develop when broken blood vessels begin to seep blood and it accumulates in the surrounding tissues. This accumulation of blood is visible through the skin and forms vivid black, purple, and blue shaded areas on the outer layer. Injuries like contusions are considered comparatively minor as long as the injured person does not have any type of blood clotting disorder. A lengthy stay in the hospital is usually mandatory for victims experiencing any bruising to their brain or lungs. 

Whiplash/Hyperextension of the Neck

Whiplash is the common terminology people use when referring to an injury to the soft tissue of the neck. It is identified by a number of different symptoms, the onset of which follows an injury to the neck, normally due to unexpected flexion and extension. Whiplash is most often suffered as the outcome of a car accident and can involve damage to intervertebral joints, ligaments, discs, nerve roots, and cervical muscles. Small discs located in between the vertebra might also be damaged, causing an injury known as a herniated disc.

Whiplash is the single most common soft tissue injury incurred by someone involved in a car accident. It occurs most frequently as the result of a rear-end collision. 

What Do I Do if You Think You Have Whiplash?

If you are in the state of Colorado and have received a diagnosis of whiplash after being injured in a car accident, the most prudent action you can take besides ongoing medical care is to make an appointment with a skilled and aggressive Colorado personal injury attorney so they can begin processing your legal claim right away.

Injuries Caused by Car Accidents

Injuries that are caused by car accidents can sometimes take days or even weeks before a victim starts to notice symptoms and realize that something is off. It is vital to your personal injury claim that you get immediate medical attention after your accident.  

If you or a member of your family has suffered a soft tissue injury due to the negligence or malfeasance of another driver, our Colorado personal injury attorneys are here to ensure that your legal right to seek full financial reimbursement for your losses is protected. 

If you are seeking excellent legal representation for any kind of personal injury claim and you would like an attorney who is experienced at working all kinds of injury cases, then the personal injury attorneys at Injury Victim Law are exactly who you’re looking for.

If you would like to meet with one of our skilled Colorado personal injury attorneys concerning a personal injury claim you have, we are here to help. Please reach out to us by calling (800) 245-2774 to schedule your appointment for your free consultation today.


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