How to Take Photos After an Auto Accident

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September 16, 2019
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How to Take Photos After an Auto Accident

How to Take Photos After an Auto Accident

As anyone can tell you, we live in the age of the smartphone. This means that we have a wealth of information constantly at our fingertips. Smartphones also allow us to keep in contact with our loved ones, no matter how far away they may be. These are all well-regarded and well-known as the benefits of the smartphone. However, did you know that smartphones can also be incredibly useful after a car accident?

Some of the ways you can use a smartphone to your advantage after an auto accident are obvious. For example, you can go ahead and call the police to the scene in order to report your accident. You can also use your smartphone to call any medics, if necessary. However, smartphones are also hugely beneficial when it comes to documenting evidence.

If you have suffered personal injury as a result of an automobile accident, you will almost certainly go through a bit of a panic. You will have to figure out how to take care of any medical expenses, lost time from work, and maybe even property damage. There is no reason that you should shoulder all this on your own—especially if your accident was the result of someone else’s negligence.

Of course, opening up a personal injury claim entails proving that you were not at fault for the accident. This is where your smartphone can come in handy. You can use the high-definition camera to immediately start documenting evidence to build your case. It sounds easy enough—and for the most part, it is—but there are still some common mistakes that people any make. Do you know how to take photos after a car accident?

Proving Personal Injury

In a court of law, the evidence is all a jury has to go off of. This is true no matter how open-and-shut you feel your case may be. Of course, you can always use your testimony to detail all the damages you have suffered. As the saying goes, however, a picture is worth a thousand words. Because of this, you will want to begin documenting your injuries right away. This means taking a photograph of your injury immediately after impact and as it progresses. These photographs can do much to substantiate your claim. If you wait too long to begin documenting your injuries, the other party may claim that you are exaggerating them for compensation—or even that you are lying altogether. Taking photographs is an easy way to avoid this from happening.

Proving Property Damage

It is not uncommon for people to suffer both personal injury and property damage, especially when it comes to auto accidents. If you ever find yourself in a situation like this, you will want to document any property damage with just the same amount of care and immediacy as How to Take Photos After an Auto Accident you would document your personal injury. This can also entail taking photographs of any property damage that was not incurred as a result of the accident.

Sound confusing? It does not have to be. Simply take photographs of all involved vehicles from all possible angles directly after your accident. This can act as full documentation of any property damage that was or was not incurred at the time of impact. Having these photographs protects you from the other party claiming that there was no damage inflicted on your car—or that their car suffered more damage than it really did.

Include Anything Relevant

You will want to begin taking photographs immediately after your car accident. Ideally, you should be doing so as you wait for the police to arrive. Do not forget that police reports are also hugely valuable types of evidence! When the officers arrive at the scene, make sure you tell them any and everything you think may have contributed to the accident. You want to make sure that they get the whole picture. In the state of Colorado, you can request a copy of your accident report by completing form DR248 (Requestor Release and Affidavit of Intended Use).

Similarly, you should also take care to include any relevant information when you are documenting your own evidence. This may mean taking photographs of the accident scene. How was the weather at the time of impact? Could it have contributed to the accident? Was there any ice on the road? Are there any skidmarks? All of these may be significant factors in your accident case.

Furthermore, you should also get permission to take photographs of all involved drivers’ licenses, plates, and insurance information—this may prove to be more accurate than simply writing it all down. You should also go ahead and get permission from the police officers to take photographs of their badge number and any other identifying information, should you need to contact them later on for your claim.

All Evidence Is Important

Remember, it is always better to have too much evidence in your favor than it is to have too little. Do not hesitate from taking as many photographs (or even videos) as you feel is necessary. It is likely that these are among some of the strongest types of evidence you will have. If you are able, you should also try to see if anyone else has any evidence of the accident. This means talking to potential eyewitnesses, nearby business owners, other drivers, passengers, or passersby. Leave no stone unturned.

Seeking Legal Help

It can feel difficult and overwhelming to take care of an auto accident claim on your own, especially if you do not have a full and comprehensive understanding of the law. You need someone on your side you can trust. Fortunately, you do not have to go through it alone.

If you or a loved one have recently been involved in a car accident, we at Injury Victim Law may be able to help. Though we are a Colorado-based firm, our team of experts and investigators is ready and available to assist personal injury victims all across the country.

You should never have to pay for somebody else’s mistakes. Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation with one of our trusted nationwide auto accident attorneys. We have helped countless clients successfully resolve their automobile accident cases. We can help you too. Let us fight for you and get you the compensation you rightfully deserve.

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