How to Negotiate Your Car Insurance Claim

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What Should I Look for in a Personal Injury Attorney?
June 9, 2019
Do I Have a Personal Injury Case?
Do I Have a Personal Injury Case?
June 11, 2019

Car accidents are uniquely traumatizing experiences. This is especially true when you were the victim of a negligent or otherwise careless driver. Moreover, after you have gone through the initial stress and shock of an automobile accident, you also have countless other concerns to deal with. Of course, your number one concern will be to ensure that you and your passengers have made it out relatively unscathed. This is only natural, of course—even seemingly minor accidents can have serious adverse effects and auto accidents cause countless personal injuries every year.

Oftentimes, this involves taking matters up with your insurance agency or even a personal injury attorney. You need to know the next steps to take if you have suffered damages to either your person or your property as a result of somebody else’s actions. Repairs and doctor visits cost money and can easily become surprisingly exorbitant. You want to make sure you know just how much you are entitled to and what the best way is to go about collecting those damages. This blog may be able to help.

Document Everything

Every successful personal injury claim is able to be backed up by a wealth of evidence. What does this mean for you? Well, it is very simple: you simply need to document everything you can. After being involved in a car accident, take down your account of the altercation immediately. Keep this for your own records—it will help you preserve the facts of the case in your memory and prevent you from being swayed otherwise later on. It may help you to discuss the case with a trusted friend or family member.

Of course, you will also want to document any injuries you have received. This can entail taking photographs of the injured area, keeping copies of your medical records and expenses, and even jotting down notes on your emotional state after the accident. You may be entitled to collect compensation for any emotional or mental damages you have suffered as a result of your accident as well.

Finally, remember to keep proper documentation of any property damages incurred by the accident. This includes taking note of the other party as well. Simply put, this just means you should take photographs of both your cars after the crash. This will help you prevent being held liable for any property damage that you did not actually inflict.

Understand the Tactics of the Insurance Company

After an accident, many people make the mistake of believing that the insurance agency is on How to Negotiate Your Car Insurance Claimtheir side as long as they were not the one liable for the accident. However, every payment the insurance agency makes to you is a loss for them. Thus, they have every reason to minimize the payment you will receive. Oftentimes, they will make it seem like your initial settlement is ironclad. They may make it seem as though they have done the best they can for you. Regardless, you should not be afraid to reject a settlement offer. You have every right to negotiate and should not be guilted into accepting less than you deserve.

At the same time, it is important to be realistic. While it is important to be firm in order to collect the full amount you are due, it is also important to be reasonable in your expectations. Be willing to compromise on the settlement. At times, this may mean you will accept less than what you initially demanded. Make sure to try to find a good middle-ground.

Furthermore, there are many states that are actually no-fault states. If you live in one of those states, you will usually be seeking reimbursement from your own insurance company rather than from the insurance company of the other party involved. However, there may be exceptions to this rule. For example, if the other driver is at fault for the accident, you may be able to pursue a claim against their insurance policy. However, depending on the state, you may need to meet certain requirements in order to do so. Your best bet to winning such a claim is procuring the assistance of a good attorney.

When dealing with your auto insurance agency, it is important for you to understand just how much your claim is actually worth. It is impossible for you to know how much you are entitled to if you do not actually know how much you have lost. The damages you have suffered can be both economic and noneconomic, such as emotional suffering, lost wages, medical expenses, and more. It is difficult to estimate the true value of a personal injury claim without the help of a personal injury attorney, as no two cases are the same and there are almost always contributing factors in flux. Many sites may claim to assess the damages you are owed, but it is near impossible for them to be fully accurate for these reasons.

Seeking Legal Assistance

Nobody wants to deal with the aftermath of an automobile accident. However, the above tips may maximize your chances of collecting the full amount you are due. In most cases, the best thing you can do for your case is to procure the assistance of an experienced nationwide car accident attorney. We, at Injury Victim Law, can help. Our Colorado-based team of experts and investigators can help you no matter where you are located in the United States.

We are dedicated to fighting for your interests and protecting your legal rights. We know that you work hard to stay safe on the road and to minimize your chances of an accident and we believe that you should never have to suffer for somebody else’s mistakes. At Injury Victim Law, we provide you with top-quality legal assistance in order to get you the compensation you deserve. Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation with one of our qualified personal injury lawyers. We can help walk you through every step of the process. Our mission is to resolve your case as quickly and as successfully as possible.

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