Colorado Rental Car Accidents

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Colorado Rental Car Accidents

Should you ever get in an accident while you are renting a car in Colorado, you will need to keep track of specific information that will ultimately help you with your case. There are a few central things you should to do after you have been involved in a car accident with a rental car in order to give yourself the biggest opportunity of obtaining full financial compensation for your claim:

Check for Injuries & Document Information

Colorado Rental Car Accidents

Examine yourself and your passengers for any signs of injury, no matter how small. Record any findings with pictures or videos. Report the accident to the police right away by calling 9-1-1. You will also need to take pictures of things such as:

  • Any damage to your vehicle
  • The general area where the accident took place
  • Any damage to the other vehicles involved
  • Any property damage that occurred
  • Any applicable road hazards (potholes, downed stop sign, etc.)

Make certain that you do not get any videos or photos of the other people involved without getting their direct consent. Once that is given, do your best to get a video or other recording of them saying they have given you their permission. This will guarantee any evidence you collect will withstand scrutiny in a court of law.

Take Down Contact Information

You will want to swap contact details with the other people involved in the accident including their names, phone number, email address, insurance information, and any rental car information as well. This information should be kept with your pictures of the damages. Try to acquire the contact information of any eyewitnesses too and, if possible, take videos or get written statements of their account of the events.

Give A Statement to the Police

Once the police or accident investigators arrive on the scene, you will be required to give your own account of the events as well. Take the officer’s names and badge numbers and make sure that you obtain a copy of your police report. In some instances, you may have to request it at a later time but usually, you can get an immediate copy once the police have finished processing the accident scene.

Get in Touch With Your Rental Car Company

If you are the driver who was in the rental car, you need to notify the car rental company right away regarding the crash and find out what they expect you to do once the police have said you may go. Obeying the rental company’s policy concerning what to do in this situation is extremely critical, since it will likely stop you from getting hit with numerous fees and fines from them, and will also be an asset when your case is under review.

Get in Touch With Your Insurance Company

Your car insurance carrier will need to be notified of the accident in order for you to file a claim. Verify that your insurance policy has the necessary additional collision coverage that you need to cover you in this particular situation. You probably were required to buy liability coverage from the rental car company, but it is going to be a huge relief to know that your individual insurance policy is able to satisfy any outstanding expenses.

Occasionally, situations such as this may become complicated due to the fact that a lot of car insurance companies have restricted or even no coverage options for this kind of car accident. In addition to that, if they have a coverage option, there might be a hierarchy of whose claim is processed first, and the amount each person’s policy will cover.

Review Your Car Insurance Policy

When it comes to rental cars, your individual insurance carrier will be the one to pay the company if you have what is known as first-party coverage. This will happen no matter which driver is deemed to be at fault. If you are found to be the culpable driver, you will be required to pay the deductible to the company from whom you rented the car. If someone else is found to be at fault, then your insurance company will pay after theirs.

Carefully go over your insurance policy with the car company. In some instances, the supplemental insurance will include all expenses for the accident, but you may still have to come out of pocket for your personal insurance deductible.

If you used your credit card to obtain the rental car, get in touch with the company and ask if they have rental car insurance. There are some credit card companies that offer a service wherein they consent to pay for any damages that are sustained by a rental car. In just about every instance, however, this service will not be extended to liability coverage, meaning it will not pertain to any damages incurred by any other cars involved in the accident.

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