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The emotional, physical, and financial cost of an accident can be immense and overwhelming. It can be even worse when the accident was caused by the reckless behavior of someone else. A catastrophic accident can leave you with severe injuries and unsure of what to do next. You should not be expected to defend yourself when you were not the cause of the accident. At Injury Victim Lawyers, we are committed to defending you and your rights during this difficult time.

After an accident, you may believe that your insurance company or the insurance company of the at-fault party will cover the costs of your medical bills, but the insurance company wants to make money and protect themselves. They will do whatever they can to avoid compensating you the amount that you deserve and need to fully recover. Our personal injury attorneys know the tricks and techniques insurance companies and other entities use to avoid providing you the full restitution for your injuries after an accident.

Injury Victim Lawyers is a results-driven personal injury law firm dedicated to serving innocent victims across the country. Too often, people injured by the reckless, negligent, or careless actions of another do not have access to the high-quality legal representation that they deserve. The attorneys at Injury Victim Lawyers are committed to providing you the best legal representation available to you and ensure that you are fairly reimbursed for your serious injury or loved one’s wrongful death. Our team of highly successful trial attorneys is ready to defend you throughout the entire complex process.

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Types of Cases We Handle

Injury accidents can happen anywhere, at any time. One of the most common types of injury accidents that occur in the United States is automobile accidents. These accidents can and do leave victims with severe injuries and a lifetime of medical expenses every single day in America. At Injury Victim Lawyer, we can help injured victims in a variety of cases, including:


Why Us?

When you have been injured in an accident, you want someone with experience and in-depth knowledge of the legal system on your side. At Injury Victim Lawyers, we have decades of experience helping victims in a variety of personal injury cases throughout the United States, and we can help you, too. We have handled every kind of injury case, from dog bites to catastrophic automobile accidents, and have helped injured victims recover their losses in all fifty states. No case is too big or too small, and we are committed to securing you the maximum compensation possible for your injuries and damages following your personal injury accident.

We are a national personal injury law firm dedicated to building rock solid cases for our clients so that they are able to be compensated fairly for their injuries and losses. You are more than just another case to us. Our team of lawyers understands the strain and difficulty a severe injury can place on you and your family, and we want to help. We have seen firsthand the devastation that an injury accident wreaks on those affected, and we are committed to alleviating as much of that stress as possible. Our qualified and experienced personal injury attorneys have managed and successfully represented thousands of satisfied clients with their personal injury claim. Let us help you, too.

From the moment you hire a lawyer at Injury Victim Lawyers, we immediately begin working on building your case. We handle all conversations with insurance companies so you do not have to, and our professional and thorough attorneys begin seeking out evidence to defend your claim. We speak with witnesses, secure police reports, examine photos of the accident and recreate models of the crash to ensure those responsible for the accident are held accountable. If you have been injured in an accident caused by the reckless actions of another, our team is here to secure the compensation you deserve and need to move forward.

At Injury Victim Lawyers, we have seen the devastation these accidents can have and how frustrating it can be when it seems like everyone is attempting to slow or halt your recovery. You just want to move forward with your life and focus on what matters to you. Let us handle the legal process so you can focus on your recovery.

The Role of a Personal Injury Attorney in Your Case
The decision to hire an attorney is not one that should ever be taken lightly. You should always consult with your loved ones and legal professionals before taking the steps to pursue litigation. However, once you have made the decision, an experienced personal injury attorney can be a vital component of your fight to get compensation. A qualified attorney can:

  • Protect Your Rights: Personal injury law in the United States is complicated. At-fault parties are often represented by experienced legal professionals who know how to use this complexity to confuse and upend your case. Without the right legal team at your side, your rights can easily be subverted and abused.
  • Handle the Insurance Companies: After an accident, your first instinct may be to speak with your insurance company. It is your insurance company, after all, so they must have your best interest at heart. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. Insurance companies are private entities that are out to make money, and they do that by denying the majority of insurance claims that come in. Our lawyers will handle the insurance companies to ensure they do not recklessly reject your claim and that they uphold their obligations to you and your injuries.
  • Ensure You Recieve the Compensation You Need: The true cost of an injury is not always apparent. Injuries that initially seemed minor can quickly spiral into something more severe and some require decades or even a lifetime of care. Without a way to accurately quantify this expense, you can end up accepting a payout that is far below what you will actually need over your life. With our years of experience, we know just how much your injury will truly cost and we will fight every day to ensure you receive it.
The Stages of a Personal Injury Lawsuit
Every lawsuit is different and faces its own unique challenges. While the timeframe and eventual payout are unique to each case, personal injury lawsuits typically follow the same path on their way to settlements or payouts. While this outline can be used as a general guide, to learn about the specifics of your own case, please contact our experienced attorneys.

  • Filing a Claim: The first step in your personal injury case is to file a claim. This begins the legal process and lets the at-fault party know about the intent to hold them accountable.
  • Discovery: During this stage, our attorneys work to compile evidence and begin to build the defense of your case. We will interview witnesses, review police reports, photographs, and videos of the accident, and recreate the accident to determine what really happened.
  • Negotiations & Settlement: Not all cases proceed to trial. The majority of personal injury claims are resolved in the pre-trial resolutions, where the at-fault party agrees to a settlement. This saves both parties time and effort, but it requires that you have an experienced attorney at your side who can build an undeniable defense. When a settlement is not reached, we are ready to move your case to trial.
  • Litigation: Even though we typically settle cases out of court, we always plan to take the case all the way through to litigation. Our attorneys are confident and experienced trial lawyers who know how to handle a courtroom and a judge.
  • Post-Trial Collections: Even after a decision has been reached and the at-fault party has been held accountable, securing the compensation is not always easy. Insurance companies may try to delay or avoid giving you the compensation you won in court or through negotiations. Our team will ensure you promptly and efficiently receive what you have been promised
  • Appeal: Personal injury cases do not always end in a way that truly holds the at-fault party accountable. If we believe the decision reached by the court does not accurately reflect the reality of your injury and accident, our team is ready to appeal the decision and continue defending you and your rights.

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